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10 Best Things to Do in Lucerne 

10 Best Things to Do in Lucerne 

Located beside an incredibly stunning lake is Lucerne, a city set beside towering alps. It is one of the most visited cities in Switzerland and rightly so.  

There is no getting bored in the city with plenty to keep you busy, from the City's historic old town to the medieval guildhalls and educating museums. Because of the wide range of landmarks and beautiful sights and sites to visit in the city, we have compiled the best things you should do in Lucerne before considering other options.  

10. Musegg Wall 

As with most of the cities in Switzerland, Lucerne old Town was also previously defended by walls and gates built around the end of the 14th century.  

These walls and towers form a breathtaking sight of the city and lake that are a must-see. Added to the views is your chance to see the Famous Zytturm – the tower that houses the oldest clock in Lucerne.  

Fun fact: in honor of the age of the Zytturm clock, the clock is set to chime a minute before other clocks in Lucerne. 

9. See the Lion Monument 

The Lion Monument is not just one of Lucerne's top attractions, and it is also one of the most famous monuments in the World.  

Carved into a natural sandstone quarry, the monument was designed by Bertel Thorvaldsen, a Danish sculptor, but was completed by Lukas Ahorn in the early 1820s. 

The sculpture, which depicts a dying lion, represents the Swiss Guards and Mercenaries who were massacred during the French Revolution in 1792 while protecting Louis XVI at his palace. 

Described by famous American author Mark Twain as the saddest event depiction on a rock, the monument attracts thousands of people each year. 

TIP: It is best to visit the monument as early as you can as it attracts many crowds daily.   

8. Rosengart Collection 

If you are an art lover, you don't want to miss the museum housing the art collections of Siegfried Rosengart and his daughter, Angela. Even if you are not much concerned about the arts, you will find yourself admiring the brilliant paintings and artworks before long at the museum. The collection comprises hundreds of modern artworks from arts such as Matisse, Fernand Leger, Monet, Braque, and Chagall.

There are also jaw-dropping pieces by renowned artists like Paul Klee and Picasso. The museum is housed in the city's former national Banking building and exhibits over 300 art pieces per tour. 

7. Jesuit Church Lucerne 

Officially the first Switzerland church to be built in Baroque style, it was consecrated in 1677 but was completed only in the 17th century. 

The church is located on the banks of the Reuss River and was built for the Jesuits. Although the exterior of the church building isn't anything spectacular, the interior will indeed wow you. This is because of the rich decorations and sculptures placed inside.  

6. Mount Rigi 

A visit to Lucerne, Switzerland, is not complete without a ride on the cog railway to the top of Mount Rigi. The experience of traveling in the restored trains as old as the rails themselves is something you have to feel for yourself, not to mention the view you get at the top of the mountain. 

The mountain peak can also be reached via cable cars or a gondola. Mount Rigi's elevation also makes it a tourist favorite for hiking and playing winter sports.  

Fun fact: The cog railway in Lucerne is the first cog railway in Europe 

5. Swiss Museum of Transport (Verkehrshaus der Schweiz) 

Ranked as the most visited museum in Switzerland, the Verkehrshaus der Schweiz offers a look into the different stages of the development of transportation.  

The exhibits here show early models of different types of vehicles and some new models you have probably seen before. Some of Switzerland's old transport inventions, such as the country's first diesel locomotive, are also on display.  

The museum houses more than 30 aircraft models and an incredible fleet of cars collected from different eras, all of which are stacked on shelves for easy viewing.  

Besides the vehicle collection exhibits, the museum houses an IMAX theatre as well as a modern planetarium.  

4. Lake Lucerne 

Flanked by different mountains is Switzerland's fourth-largest lake. Lake Lucerne offers a stunning way to explore the city. The best way to explore Lake Lucerne is to take a boat cruise. 

Other ways to explore the lake are cycling a bicycle or hiking around it. The various turns and paths along the lake ensure you explore as much of the city as you would if you went on a boat cruise. 

TIP: Lake Lucerne is best visited during summer and also during Christmas.  

3. Explore the Old Town 

The Old Town is the place to go if you are interested in seeing the various historic sites in Lucerne. The Old Town is located at the city's core, with cobblestone streets running between the different buildings.  

The Old Town attracts a daily stream of tourists and shoppers which can be a little hectic to navigate, especially during the holidays.  

While you can explore the Old Town by yourself, hiring a guide so you do not miss any spot, building, or historical artifact is a good idea.  

2. Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke) 

Lucerne is also home to the famous Chapel Bridge. The bridge is not only Lucerne's emblem; it is also the oldest surviving truss bridge. 

Built in the 14th century, the roofed wooden bridge runs diagonally over the Reuss and is just one of Lucerne's 30 medieval wooden bridges. Although most of these bridges have been destroyed, the scenic sight the Chapel Bridge offers isn't one you want to miss. 

Painted under the bridge's ceiling is a depiction of some events that happened in Lucerne during the 17th century. 

TIP: Another interesting covered wooden bridge you might want to visit before leaving Lucerne is the Spreuer Bridge, known locally as the Spreuerbrücke. Several paintings decorate the bridge, also depicting several violent scenes in the city's history can also be found on the bridge. 

1. Hike Mount Pilatus 

Towering at an impressive 2,128metre, Mount Pilatus is tied to many folklore in the city. It is even regarded as "Dragon Mountain" based on a legend that the mountain was once inhabited by powerful dragons capable of healing any ailment.  

Getting to the top of the mountain can be done by various means. The best and fastest way is to ride a very steep cogwheel railway to the top. At the top is an aerial cableway which you can catch to get back to the foot of the mountain. 

Note: This ranking is based on our own experience and research. No uniform rating scheme is followed. We have no claim to the correctness of the ranking. What counts for us is to show the diversity and beauty of Switzerland. Have we published incorrect information? Let us know:

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