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Top 10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Switzerland

Top 10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Switzerland

Switzerland's beauty and stunning landscape are not just because of its magnificent snow-capped alps and its vast meadow. The country is also home to several breathtaking lakes. There are about 1500 lakes in Switzerland, each with its unique size, color, and cultural attractions.

As a result of the large number of lakes in the country, and to make your tour easier, we have picked the best Swiss lakes we think are worth seeing. So whether you are up for waterskiing, swimming, sightseeing, or even fishing, here are our top 10 most beautiful lakes in Switzerland you can't afford to miss.

10. Sihlsee

Last on the list is Sihlsee. The lake is a reservoir situated in the middle of the Einsielden valley and connects to the River Sihl. It is the only lake on this list that offers much more surreal sights in winter than summer. This is because of its surrounding mountains and shoreline that look even beautiful when snow-capped.

Besides the sights, the area is also suitable for cross-country skiing, winter hiking, and snowshoeing, especially in the middle of winter. The lake is also a popular destination for fishing during the fishing season.

9. Lake Brienz

Lake Brienz is popular among tourists for the incredible boat tour experience it offers. The lake connects to several famous locations and there is a resort that provides ships for tourists looking to visit such places.

Popular attraction sites near Lake Brienz include the famous Geissbach Falls, which is usually hiked from the lake, the Grand Hotel Geissbach that can be reached by railway, among other locations.

8. Caumasee

Caumasee is a serene and peaceful lake situated on the Flims Rockslide deposits in Graubunden. The surrounding forests and mountains make it one of the best places to meditate or have some quiet while in Switzerland. The serene environment also makes it a right spot for sunbathing and swimming. Another thing to look forward to at the lake is the small wooden island in the middle of the lake, which is reachable using a boat or swimming.

7. Lake Lugano

Nestled on the borders of Italy, Lake Lugano offers an exciting and unique insight into the history of the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. The lake boasts some of the best views you can see from a boat tour on a Swiss lake. It branches off to several notable towns and villages such as the village of Gandria, Montagnola town, and Morcote - home to the Renaissance church - among other places. The glacial lake is also known as a good source of a wide variety of fish such as crayfish, catfish, etc.

6. Lake Constance

Lake Constance is the third largest lake in Europe and occupies parts of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. There are still controversies and disputes about the actual border of the lake between the three countries.

The lake is a popular destination for fun and recreation during winter. There are many water sports carried out on the lake by tourists and locals alike all year round.

One of the things to try when at Lake Constance is the picturesque views offered by a boat cruise from the lakeside at Kruezlingen, Switzerland to Schaffhausen's historic towns.

5. Seebergsee

Located in the canton of Berne, Seebergsee is one of the small lakes in Switzerland. Several trails for hiking and cycling stretches from the lake to the top of a nearby mountain that provides stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

4. Gelmersee

Gelmersee, a lake that functions as a hydroelectric reservoir, is located in Bernese Oberland and it is one of the best lakes in Switzerland. Asides from its stunning sparkling turquoise color, the views from the surrounding alps make it a perfect destination to picnic or hike.

One of the main reasons the lake is a popular destination for tourists is the open carriage ride on the Gelmer funicular found near it. The Gelmer funicular is a railway initially built to transport heavy materials over the constructed dam in the area. The railway boasts a gradient of 106% and promises an unforgettable, jaw-dropping ride.  

3. Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is not only one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland, it is also one of the largest in Europe. It is also the largest lake in Switzerland. Both Switzerland and France share the lake, although it is considered a swiss lake since it occupies most of Geneva's city.

Lake Geneva is home to one of the largest fountains in the world, the Jet d'eau. The best time to visit the lake is during the summer as there is a lot of rowing, yacht racing, swimming, wakeboarding, scuba diving, among other activities going on.

There are also lots of beautiful castles and villages along the lake's shoreline that offer amazing views.

2. Oeschinensee

Running within the Oeschinen valley, there are lots of reasons why this lake is worth a visit. There are numerous trails on the surrounding mountains, and the lake's view and its environs from each of the trails are as unique as they come. Although the lake is usually frozen for about five to six months, there are many experiences to be had by visiting it during warm weather.

Some of the popular activities carried out in the lake include ice fishing - there is a high population of trout in the lake, skating, and tobogganing.

1. Lake Lucerne

A truly spectacular lake, Lake Lucerne is the fourth largest lake in Switzerland. The lake, surrounded by four of Switzerland's cantons, sets up a breathtaking landscape, making it one of Switzerland's most visited places.  

The lake's shoreline is dotted by several hotels and resorts and is a popular destination among tourists looking to go boating, cycling, and hiking. The many resorts on its shoreline offer tourists boat tours that are well worth the price you pay.

In addition to going on a boat tour, hiking and cycling are among other popular activities done in the area.

While a visit to the lake during summer is fun, it is even more magical in autumn.

Note: This ranking is based on our own experience and research. No uniform rating scheme is followed. We have no claim to the correctness of the ranking. What counts for us is to show the diversity and beauty of Switzerland. Have we published incorrect information? Let us know:

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