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5 reasons why this bag is an earthkeeper!

5 reasons why this bag is an earthkeeper!

On countless mountain tours, hikes and ski tours, the Swiss Mevion Heim noticed how many people stow and store their lunch in plastic bags.  

It was immediately clear to him: a sustainable lunch bag was needed.

Reason 1: 100% natural

The lunchbag of «bärghunger» consists of cheesecloth, which are normaly used in the production of swiss cheese.

There couldn’t be any contamination because that would harm the production of the delicious cheese. So cheesecloth is an absolutely pure material. It’s produced out of planted fiber, so it is natural like the nature itself.

Reason 2: 100% sustainable

The founder of «bärghunger» was annoyed about the use of plastic bags in the backpacks while hiking through the alps. After each hike people will throw the plastic bags away, which affects our environment badly.

Founder Mevion Heim

The goal was to create a product, which contains and uses only natural material. Cheesecloth is really resistant, strong and can be used over and over again. The «bärghunger» is easy to wash after each trip.

Reason 3: 100% swiss made

The lunchbag is produced in a small company out of Zurich, which is specialized in traditional craftmanship. They even have their own loom. For «bärghunger» they only work with swiss fabrics.

Because the company is based in Switzerland, the distances between production and shipment is short and tries to affect the environment as little as possible. Additionally, this work supports a traditional way of making cultural farmer clothes and helps to maintain old craftmanship.

Reason 4: 100% good for your food

Cheeseclothis very breathable and keeps your food inside the bag fresh. A big plus incontrary to plastic bags where fruits, cheese and dried meat sweat and ferment. «bärghunger» is gentle to your food in the mountains.

Reason 5: 100% for the mountains

The name«bärghunger» is swissgerman for the hunger in the mountains and the hunger (desires)for the mountains. The main goal is to reduce plastic use and waste in the mountains.

All plants and animals should life and grow without any harm due to plasticmaterials. Therefore, the lunchbag is 100% for our beautiful mountains and to maintainthem for future generations.

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