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Best 5 Day Trip in Switzerland: Best 5 Days Swiss Itinerary

Best 5 Day Trip in Switzerland: Best 5 Days Swiss Itinerary

Frankly speaking, no amount of time spent exploring Switzerland can be enough to go through every jaw-dropping attraction the country has to offer.

One could spend a couple of years in the country and continue to find new things to do and beautiful places to explore! However, we can’t always get all the time in the world to do what we want to do.

This travel itinerary is created for those that can't spend more than a few days in the country. To be quite honest, five days is a lot of time to explore the country, and with this itinerary, you can be sure to get the best out of your 5 Day trip in Switzerland.

Without any further ado, let’s get right down to it!

Best Things to do in 5 Days in Switzerland

Before proceeding, do note that this itinerary is not lengthy, not because there is not a lot to do but because trying to fit too much exploring into five days would be hectic and quite tiring in the long run.  


DAY 1: Land at Zurich Airport but take atrain to LUCERNE

- Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport is the largest international airport in Switzerland. The best way to start your exploration of the country is by landing here.  

Coupled with the fact that Zurich is a beautiful city, you can’t go wrong by landing there.  

TIP: Depending on how many hours you can spare before your return flight takes off from Switzerland, the Old Town of Zurich is an excellent place to pass the time.


Now take a train to Lucerne from Zurich airport. Tickets for the train can be bought online or at several ticket counters in the vicinity. The journey should take a little over an hour to complete. Below are the best things to do in Lucerne:

·     Explore the old town of Lucerne – The old town is worth all the time spent exploring it. A stroll admiring the beauty of the medieval buildings and the cobbled streets immediately after dropping your luggage in your hotel can simply not be passed up.

·     Next, visit the Chapel Bridge – The famous Chapel Bridge, otherwise known as Kappelbrücke, is one of the most significant landmarks in Switzerland. It is an iconic bridge build across the popular River Reuss and one of the most visited attractions in Lucerne.

·     Mount Rigi – Once you have explored the old town of Lucerne, you might want to go back to your lodging to freshen up. Once you have done that, a tripto Mount Rigi is next on the list.  

Reaching the summit of Mount Rigi in itself is an exciting trip. First, you have to take a ferry over the fantastic Lake Lucerne to Vitznau. There you will take a cogwheel train to the top ofthe majestic mountain top. You will catch stunning views on the train trip before being treated to a relaxing, jaw-dropping landscape at the top of the mountain.  

DAY 2: Explore Mount Titlis and Visit the Lion Monument

You want to start the day by exploring another popular and historical tourist attraction in Lucerne – the Lion Monument.  

·       Lion Monument – This monument is a beautiful and historic one as it marks a significant event in Swiss history. You can then make your way to the beautiful Lake Promenade and stroll alongside it to relax.  


Next is a trip to one of Switzerland’s most stunning glacier mountains – Mount Titlis. At the mountain top, you are treated to beautiful quiet scenery and landscape that is simply breathtaking.  

After you have explored the impressive mountain, you can take a stroll through thecharming city before returning to where you are lodged.

TIP: Mount Titlis is an icy and windy mountain. It is best to wear as many warm clothes as you can alongside a gloveand cap to keep yourself warm at the summit.

DAY 3: Visit Interlaken

Head over to Interlaken via train as early as you can on DAY 3. There are many places you want to visit in this city, and with its network of trains and boats, it is safe to say you can check a good number of them out before having to retire to your hotel.


These two famous lakes are near each other and can easily be reached via boat cruises or riding on a paddle steamer. With several pictures, que scenes and historic lakeside castles dotting the shoreline, this small adventure is one you don’t want to miss.


This is arguably Interlaken’s biggest tourist attraction. One of the reasons for this,apart from the mountain’s insane towering height, is that getting to the summit is so easy, especially considering how tall it is.

With a funicular ride, you can easily reach the summit in under 10 minutes.  

TIP: Ensure you have your camera handy as the views from the several viewpoints at Harder Kulm summit are simply magical.

Add to that is a panoramic restaurant built on the mountain. You might want to get a bit here before taking a rideback down the mountain.


After coming down from the mountain, you might want to checkout Interlaken’s residential area before calling it a day. Some of the buildings in this quiet, pretty medieval town go way back to the 13th century.

NOTE:  There are several other tourist attraction sites in Interlaken apart from the three mentioned above that can still be explored if you have the time to spare.  

DAY 4: Visit Lauterbrunnen

To be quite honest, one can spend two days in the Lauterbrunnen Valley and still not explore half of everything this valley has to offer.  

Saying Lauterbrunnen valley is a place out of this world is simply an understatement.  

As is typical with many valleys in Switzerland, there are many water bodies in the area, be it a waterfall or a river.  

Getting to Lauterbrunnen itself is an exciting and remarkable experience as you have to go on a route that treats you to amazing views of some of Switzerland’s famous and beautiful mountain peaks.

The Staubbachwaterfall and the Trummelbachfalle

One of the highlights of visiting the Lauterbrunnen Valley is its strikingly gorgeous waterfalls. One of the most visited is the Staubbach waterfall. Another impressive one you want to see is the Trummelbachfalle. Both are easily accessible and fun to explore.

There are also several exciting things to see in the area, so you might want to take some time to explore.

DAY 5: Explore Zermatt and Zurich

How much exploring you do on your last day in Switzerland depends on how late your return flight is. It is best to simply explore some part of the city you would be departing from to be on the safer side.


Zermatt is one of Switzerland’s most famous ski destinations during winter. However, this does not mean the beautiful little town cannot be visited during summer. Apart from the various world-class restaurants and chalet you will find in the area, Zermatt is the closest resort to Switzerland’s most iconic mountain, the Matterhorn.  


You don’t want to miss your flight,right? ;)


It is highly recommended that you purchase a Swiss Travel Pass as soon as you land in the country. This is mainly because the Swiss Travel pass often lets you receive huge discounts while paying for specific tours and activities. This can help you save money and help you get the most outof your stay in the country.

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