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Top 10 Best Hotels in Switzerland

Top 10 Best Hotels in Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its impressive dominant mountains. This is, in fact, one of the main reasons it attracts tourists in their thousands every month. Besides that, its lush green scenery, rural villages, giant glaciers, 5-star hotels and banks, world-class museums, and its vibrant, beautiful cities make the country a nice place to be both during the summer or winter.

Visiting the country means it is essential to know where you are going and where you can stay while in the country. Switzerland is home to many luxurious and phenomenal hotels and resorts. As a result of that, we will highlight the top 10 best hotels in Switzerland.

10. Hotel Château Gütsch, Lucerne

Set on a hill overlooking the city of Lucerne is an 18th-century hotel called Hotel Château Gütsch. The Hotel, which is hard to miss, also serves as a landmark in the city.

The Hotel's views, especially top floor rooms, offer the most spectacular views one can get in any hotel in Europe!

9. Fairmont Le Montreux Palace, Montreux

The Fairmont Le Montreux Palace provides everything to make your stay comfortable while in Montreux. The Hotel was built in the 1900s and was previously used as a war hospital during the World Wars to treat and shelter allied soldiers.  

Since then, the Hotel has been renovated and refurbished on a couple of occasions. The most recent refurbishment was carried out in 2011, although most of the Hotel's original architectural structures and details are still present.  

Asides from offering accommodation, the Hotel's restaurant is an excellent place to taste the best of Swiss cuisine.  

8. Mandarin Oriental Palace, Luzern

Palace Luzern is a friendly and affordable hotel to stay in while you are in Lucerne. The neoclassical medieval-looking Hotel is built close to Lake Lucerne and constructed to blend along with its surrounding mountains, lake, and city in general.  

The interior rooms and suites are decorated with glass fixtures and sophisticated prints to make them homely. Food is supplied by the restaurant Jasper, with an elegant and contemporary menu available to choose from.

The Hotel also offers a spa and lake vistas for interested lodgers.

7. Hotel The Cambrian, Adelboden

Located just outside Bern, Hotel The Cambrian though initially built in the 1900s, remains one of the best hotels in Switzerland based on hospitality, comfort, and price.  

The Hotel, which has been renovated to show a modern 21st-century look, is fitted with panoramic windows through which views of the surrounding Abelboden Valley and mountain can be admired.  

In addition to staying in a comfortable hotel and its fantastic swimming pool and spa, the Hotel's location lets you experience world-class skiing on the snowy mountain during your winter stay. Lodging in the summer allows you to hike and bike while exploring the Hotel's lush environs.  

6. Hotel d'Angleterre

The Hotel d'Angleterre is located on the banks of Lac Lerman and overlooks the lake and the largest fountain in Switzerland, the Jet d'Eau.

Apart from the colorfully decorated hotel rooms, all of which are lined with fantastic artworks, guests are also treated to sumptuous dishes by the Hotel's restaurant. There is also a cozy bar where interested guests can go wine tastings during their stay at the Hotel.

5. The Lodge Verbier

Verbier is one of the most popular locations for tourists looking to test their skiing skill, their paragliding, and rock climbing mettle, as well as their mountain biking expertise. As a result of this, it is only right that you have a place where you can stay while trying to engage in one or more of these activities.

The Lodge offers the perfect place to do this thanks to its comfortable bedrooms, all of which are connected to a gym, spa, and steam room.  

The Lodge's master suites offer amazing views of the Swiss alps and are an excellent place well worth its cost.

The Lodge also provides escorts that can accompany guests while exploring the various mountains in the area.

4. The Chedi Andermatt

Located in the Urseren Valley and only a 90-minute drive from the largest city (Zurich) in Switzerland is The Chedi Andermatt: a 5-star beautiful and elegant hotel that provides everything you need in a hotel.

There is no better way to enjoy your stay in Switzerland, from treatment suites to huge dressing rooms to a luxurious spa and even private steam showers. The treatment room therapists offer massages that will leave you feeling relaxed and happy. The Hotel's gym and swimming pool also provide good ways to exercise while staying in the Hotel.  

Of course, the Hotel's gem is the deluxe rooms and suites and its luxurious restaurants that will make you feel at home.  

Simply put, there is much to love about the Hotel.

3. Hotel Schweizerhof, Lucerne

The Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern is the best Hotel to stay in if you are visiting Lucerne's city. The only downside is the high cost of lodging at the Hotel. In exchange for the premium rates, the Hotel offers world-class service and meals prepared by acclaimed chefs.

In addition to the Hotel's luxurious accommodations, the lake and night views from the Hotel offer an excellent way to spend the evening before retiring to your room.

2. Buergenstock Hotel and Alpine Spa

Another brilliant hotel that guarantees 5-star accommodation is the Buergenstock Hotel and Alpine Spa located in Lucerne. The Hotel is integrated with a serene spa and a restaurant, all of which are built on the cliff of the Buergenberg. It is one of the most popular hotels in Switzerland because many famous individuals such as Charlie Chaplin, Carlo Ponti, Audrey Hepburn, and many more have all at one point or the other made the Hotel their home.  

The Hotel is your best bet if you are a food lover looking for good accommodation while also serving as a base to explore Lucerne's city.  

The Hotel's elevated location means it offers stunning views of its surrounding lakes and the panoramic Alps.

1. The Dolder Grand, Zurich

Located in Switzerland's largest city, it is one of the most amazing hotels in Switzerland, The Dolder Grand.

The hotel building, which looks like it was pulled out of a fairy tale, was originally a health Spa during the late 1900s. It has then been renovated into a state-of-the-art spa with unique rooms and suites and a striking world-class art collection comprising of artworks from artists like Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Takashi Murakami, among others.  

Another thing to look forward to at the Hotel is its eight-course tasting menu offering visitors a taste of Swiss recipes and delicacies.

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