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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Switzerland

Top 10 Best Restaurants in Switzerland

Do you know that Switzerland is home to some of the finest restaurants in the world? A great restaurant is not just great because it has one or two world-class chefs. Instead, the service and experience guests receive when they visit these restaurants make them great.

NOTE: Each of these restaurants is ranked in no particular order as they offer just about the same service. The restaurants are simply numbered for the sake of keeping true to the title of the article.

Best Restaurants in Zurich

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and attracts many tourists from all over the world every year. It is not so surprising then that the town has a couple of 5-star restaurants that cater to the needs of the many tourists. Here are two excellent restaurants you could check out:

Neue Taverne, Zurich

This restaurant is aimed at vegetarians. Meat lovers also like to come here. In the Neue Taverne you can see how varied and tasty cosmopolitan modern vegetable cuisine can be.

Haus Hiltl, Zurich

House Hiltl is the first vegetarian restaurant in the world. Built around 1898, the restaurant now offers more than 100 different vegetarian dishes with recipes picked up from various countries in the world. While at the restaurant, the restaurant's signature dish of okara, spices, and eggplant is a must-try.
The restaurant also offers several vegan-friendly desserts delicious enough to make you come back for more.

Best Restaurants in Basel

Basel might not be the largest city in Switzerland, but it is another city where you can find great restaurants in Switzerland. Here are a couple of must-try restaurants in the area.

Cheval Blanc, Basel

The Cheval Blanc is a 3-star restaurant and is situated on the famous banks of the Rhine. The restaurant offers dishes from around the world, with dishes from Asia and the Mediterranean more dominant on the Menu.  

Stucki, Basel

Definitely one of the best restaurants in Basel. The chef Tanja Grandits uses the best basic products, masterfully employs herbs and spices and thus creates her consistent and unmistakable style. Her very own restaurant world is witty, full of freshness and flavours, staged with colours and subtleties that will enchant you as a guest.

Restaurant Bel Etage, Basel

Restaurant Bel Etage is an award-winning restaurant in Basel, Switzerland. The restaurant is located close to Basel's old red sandstone Townhall and is a perfect place to dine after exploring the Old Town. Besides, the restaurant is open all night long.

Best Restaurants in Geneva

Here are some of the top restaurants in Lucerne, Switzerland, where you can enjoy quality Swiss Food:

Le Chat-Botté, Geneva

Le Chat-Botté is Hotel Beau-Rivage's restaurant and is a fantastic place to have dinner while in Geneva. Other than indulging yourself in the delicious Swiss and French cuisine on Menu, the terraces offer panoramic views of the restaurant's surrounding landscape.

TIP: If you can afford it, the restaurant offers a special menu where you can dine on food made specifically for you by Michelin Starred Chef.

Le Loti and Le Tse Fung Restaurant, Geneva

Le Loti Restaurant

These two world-class restaurants can be found at La Reserve Hotel, Geneva. These two restaurants are run by Michelin Starred chefs and have received awards for their classic, unique signature dishes.

TIP: Le Loti offers the best French dishes you can think of, while Le Tse Fung is one of the best Cantonese restaurants in Switzerland.

Le Tse Fung

Other Best Restaurants in Switzerland

Restaurant de l'Hotel de Ville de Crissier

Located in Vaud, Switzerland, it is a 5-star restaurant that was voted as the best restaurant in the world in 2015 and for a good reason.  

The restaurant is led by a world-class chef, Franck Giovanni, who offers spectacular menus to guests.  

The restaurant even has a cooking academy where interested tourists can learn a few tricks and recipes from Chef Giovanni himself and his team of top-class chefs.

Villa Schweizerhof

Villa Schweizerhof is your best bet if you are looking to enjoy classic Swiss food.  

Note: This ranking is based on our own experience and research. No uniform rating scheme is followed. We have no claim to the correctness of the ranking. What counts for us is to show the diversity and beauty of Switzerland. Have we published incorrect information? Let us know:

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