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Top 10 Best Things to Do in Geneva

Top 10 Best Things to Do in Geneva

Geneva is abustling lakeside city with plenty of history and plentiful things to discover. From the city's sparkling Lake Geneva to its lush, serene parks, promenades, and cultural diversity, here are the best things to do in Geneva.

10. Explore the Italian side of Geneva

Switzerlandpictures Geneva Top 10 Things to do

There is no better way to explore Geneva's cultural diversity than by visiting Carouge. Constructed by Italian architects around the 18th century, Carouge feels different when compared to the rest of Geneva, a testament to the Italian architects' expertise.  

With various shops, bars, cafes, and buildings to explore, Carouge offers a new look into Geneva. Also, you can find a marketplace in the area where you can buy fresh produce like fruits.

9. Eat and interact with the locals at the Bains des Paquis

Should you visit Geneva during the summer months, one of the best places to go to is Bains des Paquis. Apart from being one of Switzerland's most popular beaches, the La Buvette de Bains restaurant on the beach serves Swiss fondue and cheese to locals and tourists.

While the restaurant might not be the best place to taste Switzerland delicacies, it is one of the best places to interact with locals while also having a good time.  

8. Patek Philippe Museum

The Patek Philippe Museum showcases the different watchmaking techniques carried out in Switzerland for the past five centuries. This makes the museum a good destination if you are interested or curious about how wristwatches are made.

The museum offers an exhibition of the different watches assembled in Switzerland from the 15th Century to the 19th Century. Tourists are also allowed to watch as watchmakers make timepieces in their workshop on the museum's ground floor.

7. Shop at the Plainpalais Flea Market

Plainpalais Flea Market (3) | Urbanicity

The Plainpalais Flea Market is Geneva's primary market and usually trades on Wednesdays and Saturdays every week. During these days, the Plainpalais square is transformed into a bustling arena with traders setting up stalls displaying antiques, clothes, books, and many other items for sale. Simply put, as long as you can think of it, you could probably find it on sale at the market.  

6. Visit CERN

A visit to Geneva would not be complete without exploring the headquarters of Europe's Nuclear Research. This is because many of the world's most significant and historic scientific experiments were carried out there. The World Wide Web was created at CERN.

Although not the whole facility is open to the public, visitors are still offered tours into certain parts of the facility depending on when you visit. Regardless of whether or not you enter the facility, there is a lot to learn from tour guides about the research being carried out in the facility.

You can also explore the CERN laboratory, where tourists are offered the chance to discover how scientists working at the facility operate.    

5. St Pierre Cathedral

Built around the 1200s and 1300s, the St. Pierre Cathedral is one of the most visited places in Geneva. The cathedral's location is quite significant in the history of Geneva as it is the cathedral where John Calvin, a famous reformer, preached.

The cathedral is next to a museum where you can learn about the historical events in the city through exhibitions. Asides from the various manuscripts, paintings, and engravings in the exhibition, you are also treated to a 15-minutes film retelling of the whole activities that took place during the reformation of Geneva in 1536.  

4. Explore Mount Salève

Tagged as the "balcony of Geneva", Mount Salève provides the best views of Geneva and its surrounding Alps. At a dominant 1400 meters height, it is surprisingly easy to reach the peak of the Salève within an hour or two despite its formidable look.

For a faster and less challenging way to the top of the mountain, you can take a chairlift from Veyrier to the top of the hill.  

View from the Top of Mount Salève

3. Visit The Old Town

The old town is located in the middle of Geneva and is as good as any place to learn Geneva's history. The old town is made up of several winding streets, many of which still retain their medieval appearance.  

One of the first stops to make while in the Old Town is the Place du Bourg-de-Four as it is the oldest area in Geneva. From there, you can take a walk via any of the winding little streets to explore several other iconic buildings and monuments in the town.  

2. See the Jet d'Eau

Hard to miss and one of the most famous landmarks in Switzerland, the Jet d'Eau serves not just as a tourist attraction in Geneva but also as the city's most dominant symbol. The Jet d'Eau is capable of propelling water into the air to a height of about 150metres.  

The fountain was previously constructed in 1886 to serve as a safety valve for the city's hydraulic power plant.  

1. Enjoy Lake Geneva

Of course, we can't but save the best for last. Lake Geneva, known as Lac Lèman in Europe, is one of the biggest lakes in Switzerland and Western Europe. It is also the largest lake in Central Europe.  

The beach is always bustling, with tourists looking to swim or tan. People looking to test their skills in their Yachts and canoes can also be seen in the area.  

There is also a mouette that offers cruise rides from one side of Geneva to the other on the lake.  

Besides enjoying the lake, you can also take a walk along the promenade and the regal townhouses built along the lake's shore.  

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