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Top 10 Bicycle Routes in Switzerland

Top 10 Bicycle Routes in Switzerland

Switzerland is renowned for its mountains, beautiful natural landscapes, chocolates, banks, watches, and neutrality. Do you know there are over 12,000 kilometers of cycling routes in Switzerland waiting to be explored?

Cycling is a trendy pastime in Switzerland,and for a good reason. The country’s beautiful mountain passes coupled with alpine meadows and panoramic snow-capped peaks make cycling one of the best ways to explore Switzerland.

Here are the top 10 cycling routes in Switzerland spanning across its magnificent landscapes:

10. The Emosson dam Route

The Emosson dam route is one of the most beautiful cycling routes in Switzerland. It is appropriate for all skill levels, and you do not have to be an expert cyclist to cycle on the route and enjoy the spectacular views of the landscape.

Simply put, the Emosson dam route is a fantastic place to cycle.

9. Arbon Hafen Routefrom Kurzrickenbach Seepark

This route is one of the best ways to explore Thurgau. Most of this route is across paved surfaces, and part of the route involves crossing a river by ferry.

8. Lindau Hafen Route

This route is quite tricky and should only beat tempted by expert bikers and cyclists. This is because the route requires good fitness levels as most of the route is paved.  

The starting point of the route is accessible by train and starts from Morschwil.

7. North-South Route

This route travels from Basel and takes you through central Switzerland before ending up in the Canton of Ticino.

The route passes through some of the busiest traffic routes in Switzerland so it is best to only cycle on this route if you can handle yourself on a busy route.

The route is about 365 kilometers from start to finish.

6. Tour de Lac Leman Route

The Tour de Lac Leman route skirts the curving shores of Lake Geneva – Switzerland’s largest lake and one of the most visited lakes in the country. It covers about 200 kilometers and has several starting points all of which are well marked.

The route lets you travel through four Swiss cantons with some part of the route taking you through France. The stunning views of the Swiss Alps and the alpine meadows on this route make it worth trying out.

5. Swiss National Cycling Routes

Want to explore Switzerland in an interesting and more fun way? Go on a bicycle ride on the National cycling Routes. There are currently 9 of these interspersed networks of cycling Routes all with their spectacular scenery and landscape.

These routes treat riders and cyclists to several picture-postcard sceneries filled with blue lakes, snow-capped peaks, and famous Swiss medieval towns.

4. The Lakes Route

The Lakes Route offers cyclists amazing views of Switzerland’s most beautiful lakes, such as the Sihlsee, the Zurgersee, the Zurichsee,Lake Constance, to mention just a few.

The route also takes you through several popular Swiss tourist destinations, including Gruyeres – home of one of Switzerland’s most famous cheese with which it shares its name.

3. Rhine Route

Yes, this route is directly along the curving shores of Switzerland’s most famous rivers – the Rhein river.

The route starts from the Oberalp Pass in Andermatt and skirts along the Rhine river and some famous Swiss lakes, including Lake Constance and Lake Toma, before ending in the historic city of Basel.  

2. Tremola Pass route

The Tremola pass route is one of the longest routes in Switzerland. It is a unique route reserved only for advanced cyclists, although everyone can go on the route.

1. Graubunden Route

Graubunden Route is quite spectacular and breathtaking as it takes you through the fantastic Graubunden Alpine Landscape– one of Switzerland’s most jaw-dropping landscapes.

The route starts in Chur, Switzerland’soldest city, and ends in the Engadine Valley.

Note: This ranking is based on our own experience and research. No uniform rating scheme is followed. We have no claim to the correctness of the ranking. What counts for us is to show the diversity and beauty of Switzerland. Have we published incorrect information? Let us know:

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