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Top 10 Inventions From Switzerland

Top 10 Inventions From Switzerland

The Swiss have contributed a lot to the world's growth both politically and technology-wise. Did you know the World Wide Web was invented in Switzerland? Yes, you read that right, and almost everyone uses the web.  

Contrary to some beliefs, there are also certain things the Swiss didn't invent but are credited to them just because of the severe contributions they have made.  

In this post, we would only be going over the top 10 greatest inventions from Switzerland.

10. The Swiss Army Knife

There is a 90% chance you probably already heard of the name "Swiss Army Knife" at one point or the other. Apart from the World Wide Web, the Swiss Army Knife is probably the most famous Swiss invention.

The Swiss Army Knife is the world's most miniature toolbox invented by Karl Elsener in 1891. The knife was designed as a tool for Swiss soldiers so they can open canned foods with it and also maintain weapons using the same tool.  

The name "Swiss Army Knife" was coined by American Soldiers who found the knife's real name too tricky to pronounce.

9. Velcro

One of the few Swiss inventions that have become a staple in the fashion industry is Velcro. The fastener was invented by George de Mestral after noticing there were certain seeds tightly sticking to his clothes and his hunting dog on their return from a hunting trip in the mountains.

His curiosity led him to discover that the seeds had what can be explained as tiny hooks with which they can attach to fiber and hair. The result of his research led to the invention of Velcro.

8. Direct Democracy

The Houses of Parliament in Bern

Switzerland is widely known as a neutral country, and for a good reason. In 1291, the Swiss confederation was the first government in Europe to put the principles of direct democracy into action.  

Today, the country still practices direct democracy citizens can be seen as voting for whatever decision being made in their respective town squares.

7. World Wide Web

The WWW was invented at Cern, Geneva. Tim Berners-Lee invented it in 1989 to solve the issue of sending research information between working scientists. Because of that, he created the world's first website, which was hosted on his computer at CERN.

Now, the rest is history.  

6. The Red Cross

Henry Dunant created the Red Cross organization in 1859. He got the idea to create a humanitarian organization after seeing thousands of wounded soldiers lacking medical attention on a battlefield in Italy.

On witnessing the pathetic situation, he returned to his country to campaign for national relief to help treat and feed the wounded soldiers.  

Today, the organization has grown into much more and is now arguably the most significant humanitarian invention in world history.

5. Aluminum foil

There is no way you have not come across aluminum foil because it is a material that has multiple uses.  

It was first invented in 1905 by Heinrich Alfred, a Swiss businessman. However, the invention only became famous in 1910 after firms began mass production of the materials.

Today, the foils are being used majorly as food wrappings such as chocolate bars, Maggi cubes, among other things.

4. Milk Chocolate

Switzerland is known for producing high-quality chocolate, but it was also a Swiss, Daniel Peter, that invented Milk Chocolate.  

Milk Chocolate is simply a type of chocolate that has been mixed with powdered milk. It is also one of the most famous Swiss inventions ever.

3. Cellophane

Another popular useful material we now use without any thoughts as to how it was invented is Cellophane.  

Jacques E. Brandenberger was the Swiss who invented Cellophane, and he did this in the 1900s. According to the story about the invention, it is said that Jacques created the cellulose-based transparent sheet in a bid to create a protective layer for clothes as well as make it waterproof.  

2. Electric Toothbrush

Invented in 1954 by Dr. Philippe-Guy Woog, the electric toothbrush is gradually taking over ordinary toothbrushes, especially in developed countries.  

However, you probably didn't know this helpful piece of technology was invented in Switzerland.

1. Einstein's theory of relativity  

One of the most famous physics equations was developed and created in Bern, Switzerland, by Albert Einstein.

There you have it!

All the inventions discussed above are just a few of the many contributions the Swiss have made to the world. Some other essential innovations include toilet ducks, Absinthe, Muesli, LSD, Helvetica Font and Espresso coffee are just some of the famous Swiss inventions that have become part of our everyday life.

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