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Top 10 Ski Resorts in Switzerland

Top 10 Ski Resorts in Switzerland

It's no secret that Switzerland and its magnificent alps offer some of the best skiing experiences one can have in the world, and for a good reason. It is also common knowledge that winter tourism in Switzerland depends mostly on the country's fantastic resorts.

With that in mind, we have taken the time to help you out by highlighting the crème de la crème of the Ski Resorts in Switzerland should you be planning a winter visit to the country.


The Engelberg resort is a relatively new resort that offers a fantastic freeride experience to skiers. It is a favorite for advanced off-piste skiers who want to ski and relax.

The resort also offers a ski and snowboarding school for beginners looking to learn.

The Ski Lodge is usually filled up during the winter because of the mountain town's sensational scenery. Even if you are not looking to ski, the Engelberg resort is one you want to try out, even just for the views.


The Grindelwald resort is known more for the breathtaking scenery and views offered by its surrounding small historic village. However, this takes nothing away from the fact that the resort is also a favorite for off-piste free riders and freestyle superpipe experts. In addition to skiing, Grindelwald also serves up a superb hiking and sledding experience for anyone looking to hike or relax while enjoying the fantastic sunset views.

Grindelwald is one of the three resorts in the Jungfraujoch ski region alongside Wengen and Murren.

KEYNOTE: For beginner and intermediate skiers, the Wengen resort is your best bet at skiing gentle slopes, while expert skiers will find the Murren slopes challenging and more suitable for their skills.


Saas-Fee is a budget-friendly resort with a fantastic snow park popular among freestylers. About 3 hours drive from the Geneva Airport, the resort provides has several gentle slopes that are favored by beginner and intermediate skiers. In other words, you might have to look elsewhere if you are looking for a more advanced course.

The resort also provides an excellent snowboarding experience thanks to the mountain's huge altitude and its impressive snow quality. There are also several snowshoeing trails as well as a toboggan course to try out.


Parsenn is another top Swiss ski resort that boasts top-notch facilities and services to interested skiers.  

Located between Davos and Klosters ski area and linking the two iconic ski towns together, Parsenn is the resort you want to go to with your family. This is because of the calm and gentle slopes, which can be run together as a family. The resort also offers tourists a fantastic experience to paraglide down the mountain and descend the slopes on sledge runs.

NOTE: To get to other connected ski areas, you have to take a train or bus and the station can be quite crowded.


The Arosa Lenzerheide resort was previously two separate resorts but has since been linked so that visitors can run the slopes offered by both resorts with one ticket. Both resorts serve up intermediate skiing slopes and are best for beginners and experts alike. The resort also provides touring tracks and children facilities for families looking to have an excellent time.

Apart from the skiing experience, skiers are treated to spectacular and unique views which intermediate slopes on other resorts don't offer. From skiing across a glacier to all-day sledding and exploring the traditional attraction ski town in Arosa, there is much to satisfy your adventure thirst at this resort.

Key Note: The Arosa Lenzerheide resorts are linked by a cable car, which means you do not need a vehicle to access both resorts.


Best known for having some of the best beginner and intermediate terrain, Crans Montana should be your go-to, especially with your family. This is because the resort offers special attention to children by providing a safe kindergarten ski playground for kids to ski.  

The resort also offers courses for family snow tubing and sledding. Also, the resort boasts a sports center that offers different types of sports and games for visitors not skiing. There is also an outdoor skate park for people who know how to.

Crans Montana has hosted a couple of skis, snowboarding, and other sporting events on its snow-covered ski courses.


Boasting one of the largest useable areas for winter sports in Europe, the Davos-Kloster resorts check just about everything you could want to do in a ski resort.

Speed touring? Check. Off-piste Free riding? Check. Kids friendly courses? Check. Beginner and Pro freestyle courses? Check. With several well-groomed slopes and mountains to explore, it is safe to say the Davos-Klosters resort has it all.

The Davos resort is trendy for Nordic skiing and the lighting on some of the ski trails makes the slopes perfect for night skiing.


Named and awarded the best Ski Resort title in Switzerland in 2018, Verbier offers a budget-friendly off-piste skiing experience, particularly for expert skiers who are quite confident in their skills. The abundance of skiing terrain also means that intermediate and newbies looking to test themselves in the area can do so without leaving their comfort zone.

Besides its function as a ski resort, Verbier also plays host to some of the events held during the annual Freeride World Tour.

Asides from skiing, Verbier offers visitors stunning views of swiss villages as well as the massifs of Mont Blanc.


There is no better way to test your skiing skills than on a course that has hosted the Winter Olympics on more than one occasion. The resort offers you a chance to ski on some of the longest intermediate skiing slopes made for pro skiers. It also provides you access to a range of other winter sports that you can try out if you are not skiing. Some of these sports include Kite skiing, tobogganing, mountain diving, horse racing, ice skating, and even cricket.

Asides from sports, St Moritz is home to the Segantini Museum, where you can check out the fine pictures and arts of the artist Giovanni Segantini. There are also several casinos and boutiques worth checking out at the resort.


There is no talking about the best ski resorts in Switzerland without mentioning its crown jewel. The snow quality and altitude of Zermatt means one can ski at any time of the year, be it summer or winter.

Asides from offering the best possible skiing experience you can have, whether as an expert daring the towering off-piste slopes or as a beginner or newbie kid learning on its nursery slopes, Zermatt also offers you a taste of Swiss' best culinary delicacies. With luxurious restaurants available at various spots on the mountain, a historic swiss village that offers spectacular scenery, the iconic Matterhorn, and five-star hotels to ensure your comfortable stay, Zermatt has it all.

KEYNOTE: Children up to the age of 9 are admitted to ski for free

Note: This ranking is based on our own experience and research. No uniform rating scheme is followed. We have no claim to the correctness of the ranking. What counts for us is to show the diversity and beauty of Switzerland. Have we published incorrect information? Let us know:

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