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Top 5 Cable Car Rides in Switzerland

Top 5 Cable Car Rides in Switzerland

Going to the top of some Swiss Alps is always on the bucket list of anyone looking to visit Switzerland. Who doesn’t want to experience the stunning Swiss landscapes, right?  

However, while the thoughts of hiking these magnificent peaks can be thrilling, actually doing it can be scary and stressful, if we are honest. The good thing is Switzerland has several modes of transportation due to its mountainous terrain, with a significant transport mode being the cable cars.  

Here, we will be looking at some of Switzerland’s most incredible Cable Car rides, which not only guarantee easy ascent up the famous mountain peaks but also treat you to impressive views of some of Switzerland’s breathtaking landscape.

Note: There are lots of cable car rides in Switzerland. However, we have rounded up the most exciting ones from the big list.

5. Jungfraujoch

Jungfraujoch is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Switzerland, and rightly so. Jungfraujoch is the highest train station in Europe and can be reached via a train ride or a cable car ride.

Either route you take to the top of the summit, you are treated to spectacular views of lush, vibrant green meadows and snow-capped slopes. At the top of the summit, you are treated to amazing views of Jungfrau’s surrounding valleys as well as other alpine peaks in the area.

4. Stanserhorn Cabrio

The Stanserhorn Cabrio is Switzerland’s first roofless two-deck cable car. It was commissioned in 2012 and can carry up to 60 people at once – 30 in the lower deck and 30 in the roofless upper deck.

Going on this cable car ride is one of the most adventurous and exciting things to do in Switzerland, especially if you visit for the first time.

3. Schilthorn cable car

The schilthorn cable car ride is undoubtedly one of the best rides in Switzerland. The cable car lets you reach the Schilthorn summit within 30 to 35 minutes. From the summit, you can enjoy stunning views of Jungfrau, Monch, and many other beautiful alps in the area.

2. Titlis Rotair

Fun fact: The Titlis Rotair is the first rotating gondola in the world.

This ride from Lucerne to Mount Titlis is one of the most popular rides among tourists in Switzerland. The ride starts from Engelberg and up to the summit of Mount Titlis while passing through lush green meadows, impressive snow-covered slopes, and stunning panorama views.

At the summit of Mount Titlis, there are shops and exquisite restaurants one can visit and explore after getting tired of sightseeing from the various viewpoints on the peak. There is also a snow park that makes going on the ride a cool thing to do with your kids.

1. Harder Kulm  

Offering some stunning views of Switzerland valleys, this cable car ride is one you do not want to miss. It not only takes you up to the top of the summit of Harder Kulm from Interlaken within 10 minutes, but it also offers stunning panoramic views and vistas along the way. And from the viewpoint at the top of the summit, you can enjoy views of Lake Thun, Jungfrau mountain, Interlaken town, as well as glimpses of Lake Brienz.

At the top of the summit, you can enjoy a taste of Swiss cuisine from the summit’s restaurant.

Note: This ranking is based on our own experience and research. No uniform rating scheme is followed. We have no claim to the correctness of the ranking. What counts for us is to show the diversity and beauty of Switzerland. Have we published incorrect information? Let us know:

Photo credits: 1. Jungfraujoch 2. Stanserhorn Cabrio I, Stanserhorn Cabrio II, Stanserhorn Cabrio III 3. Schilthorn cable car I, Schilthorn cable car II 4. Titlis Rotair I, Titlis Rotair II 5. Harder Kulm