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10 Most Beautiful Rivers and Lakes in Switzerland

10 Most Beautiful Rivers and Lakes in Switzerland

10 Most Beautiful Rivers and Lakes in Switzerland

Switzerland offers much more than mountains. The incredible number of lakes and rivers in the country compared to other countries in Europe can not simply be overlooked. And while the country is majorly visited because of its breathtaking snow-capped alps, Switzerland's beautiful rivers and lakes are undoubtedly worth seeing.

As a result of this, here is a quick guide on the 10 most beautiful rivers in Switzerland that you want to visit while in Switzerland.

10. Frauenbadi, Zurich

Frauenbadi is not a river on its own. However,a pool formed from part of the River Limmat where only women are allowed to swim and sunbathe. The pool offers incredible views of the Grossmunster church and the surrounding buildings in Zurich's old town.

9. Caumasee

Caumasee is a stunning lake whose beauty can not be overlooked despite it not being a river. Everything about the color of these lakes is simply perfect. Surrounded by mountains and a particularly thick forest, the views at the lake are well worth every fee you pay before being allowed access to it.

Asides from swimming and sunbathing on the shore, there is a lakeside restaurant where you can sit or hide away from the sun. The restaurant's terrace also provides an excellent place to observe the lake's surroundings.

8. Lido Ascona

Lido Ascona is a park with one of the longest beaches in Switzerland. The sparkling blue color of the water from the beach and views of the surrounding and distant alps make it a great place to visit. It also makes it a great place to interact with the locals.

7. Marzili

This is one of the most famous pools in Bern mainly because it is a part of the River Aare and also because of the incredible views of the city it provides. Also, strolling alongside the poolside is one of the most satisfying things to do while in Bern.

6. La Jonction, Geneva

La Jonction is the river point where two differently colored rivers meet – River Rhone and River Arve. While that itself is an incredibly unique occurrence, the result is astonishing. The best way to truly understand is by visiting the river. Just on the shore is a bar that offers coffee and drinks for guests and locals looking to cool off in the river.

5. Tomasee

Surrounded by mountains is Tomasee, a small lake that forms the beginning of the majestic river Rhein. Although the lake is high up in the alps and can be pretty challenging to reach, especially during winter, the views are well worth the effort. The best time to visit the lake, of course, is Summer since that is the only time the lake isn't frozen.

4. Limmat River

Limmat River is not only one of the most visited swimming spots in Switzerland, but it is also one of the most beautiful. This is because of the relaxing and calm atmosphere the strong and fast river currents provide. You don't even have to swim in the river to appreciate its beauty.  

3. Verzasca River

The Verzasca River is fed by melting glaciers from the surrounding alps, and it flows down the Verzasca valley into an artificial lake. The river forms a natural outdoor pool around specific areas where the current is not too strong. Its emerald green water helps create a picturesque landscape that you don't want to miss. 

2. Rhein River

Known formally as river Rhein, the Rhein River is Basel's most famous river. Its refreshingly cool water makes it an excellent place to swim, especially on a hot summer day. However, the river's currents are usually powerful. Regardless, the Rhein is still one of the most visited places in Basel.

1. Aare River

The Aare River is quite famous in Bern, Switzerland's beautiful capital city. It is even arguably the most famous river in Switzerland. 

The river offers plenty of sightseeing spots on its banks, and its mild currents make it an excellent place to swim. The river water is always cool and refreshing and is usually crowded with locals and tourists looking to take a dip during exceptional hot summer days.

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