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Top 10 Facts About the Swiss Military

Top 10 Facts About the Swiss Military

Do you know Switzerland has one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the world despite its famous neutrality?

The Swiss might not have engaged inany armed conflict with a foreign nation for well over 500 years, but their neutrality should never be confused with them being pacifists!  

Here are the top 10 facts about the Swiss Military.

10. Military Service is Mandatory for all Men

Yes, Switzerland might be renowned for being a neutral country, especially considering its stance during the two world wars. The country remains one of the few countries that mandate compulsory military service for all male citizens.

9. Switzerland Mistakenly Invaded Liechtenstein in 1992 and then again in 2007

Yes, you read that right. In 1992, some Swiss Soldiers were given orders to protect and serve their country by setting up a guard post near Liechtenstein.

Unintentionally the soldiers decided to camp in a house close to Triesenberg, a town which is actually in Liechtenstein.  

Also, in 2007, 170 armed swiss soldiers accidentally stumbled into Liechtenstein after losing their way in some terrible weather. Considering Liechtenstein has no military of its own, those swiss soldiers could have easily overthrown the country.

The Swiss later owned up to the accidental invasion the next day.

8. Switzerland has fully functional Artillery Bunkers for its Military

These bunkers are fully stocked by the Swiss Military and are difficult to locate. Many of them are located right under charming country homes and villages. There are said to be over 8000 bunkers throughout Switzerland, some still with their original camouflage. Whether remnants of the Second World War or the nuclear crisis during the Cold War, the bunkers have been used for different purposes over the decades.

7. Switzerland has enough Nuclear Shelters to house its entire population  

Despite being a neutral country, Switzerland has taken several has taken no chances in ensuring the safety of its citizens should a Nuclear war ever break out.

Nuclear fallout shelters fully conducive to accommodate Swiss citizens are cleverly integrated into the country's beautiful landscape.

There is even a law in the country that requires every citizen of the country to have access to a heavily armored bunker or own one for themselves.

Fun FACT: There are over 300,000 war shelters in Switzerland

6. Swiss Army simulated an Invasion by France in 2013 while both Countries were in a Dispute over Taxes

The simulated invasion was a training exercise for swiss soldiers and it was designed as a "futuristic military game"

5. The Swiss accidentally bombed Liechtenstein in 1968

Switzerland has always been"accidentally" messing with Liechtenstein.  

In 1968, the swissmilitary accidentally tossed grenades on the Ski resort of Malburn, Liechtenstein.

4. Swiss Men considered unsuitable for Military Service get additional Taxon their taxable Income

Except for disabled men, anyone who is unable to serve his country has to pay 3%additional tax until he is aged 30. However, if you do not have an income yet, you have to pay 400 francs a year to the military

3. Women can join the Military

Women can voluntarily join the Swiss military. In total, 1508 women are in the military in 2020. 350 of them are officers, 420 non-commissioned officers, 483 soldiers. Outside these formations, there are still 255 who do the military voluntarily. Most of those who have successfully completed the military after recruit school (21 weeks), they aspire.

2. Despite being the oldest and most respected neutral Country, Switzerland's major Entry Points (bridges and tunnels) are wired to explode in case of any Attempted foreign Invasion

Considering how much the Swiss were threatened during the two Worldwars, you cannot really blame the country for being prepared in case of another world war. Switzerland has a giant tunnel and bunker system.

1. Swiss Military doesn't allow the recruitment of Vegan soldiers

When recruiting you have to say that you live vegan and you get a "double UT" (double unfit). So you have the choice between civilian service or civil defense. The civilian service you go to smaller organizations like Kitas or others to help the population where help is needed. With the civil defense you look that you protect the population in case of catastrophes an organise big events.

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