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Top 10 Interesting Facts About Switzerland

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Switzerland

Do you know University education in Switzerland is cheaper compared to other European countries? I bet you didn't know that. Here are more interesting facts about Switzerland.

Swiss Meat is very expensive

Meat in Switzerland is a luxury, especially for tourists visiting the country. This is because the price of meat in Switzerland costs about 1½ times more than in other European countries.

The high price rate is due to the heavy tariffs imposed by the government on imported foods and drinks. This is done to protect the country's local farmers' interests and livelihood who do not own large farms. Because of the tariffs, restaurants and eateries are forced to turn to local farms for their raw material and meat.

BONUS FACT: Horse Meat is offered as one of Switzerland's culinary heritage. Switzerland is one of the few countries where horse meat is cherished and provided on the menu. It is also a go-to for some as it is not as expensive as beef.

Switzerland is home to the tallest Gravity dam in the world

The Grande Dixence is a gravity dam with a height of 285m, making it the tallest concrete gravity dam globally. The dam serves four Swiss power plants capable of generating electricity for about 400,000 households in Switzerland.

The dam itself is fed by water melting away from the surrounding glaciers. It is capable of holding about 400 billion liters of water.

The Red Cross program was founded in Geneva, Switzerland

The red cross originated in Geneva, Switzerland. It was founded in 1863 by people who felt compassionate enough to help people in need. There are over 97 million volunteers in the red cross and its headquarters is situated in Geneva.

BONUS FACT: The Red Cross flag is quite similar to the Swiss flag.

Not all items starting with Swiss are actually from Switzerland

Switzerland exports a lot of high demand quality items. A good number of these items usually have the word "Swiss" preceding it. However, not all items with the "Swiss" word are made in Switzerland.

For instance, Swiss Miss is a Chocolate brand made in America but uses the Swiss name as part of its product branding. Another example is Swiss Cheese that bears a close resemblance to Swiss' Emmental Cheese but is produced in Canada and the US.

Switzerland is home to the world's longest stairway, The Niesen Railway

The longest stairway in the world can be found at the Niesen Mountain, Switzerland. The stairway has a total of 11,674 steps and is hiked once a year during the Niesen Run.

Sundays are considered sacred in Switzerland

Swiss Social laws are quite impressive. One of the laws rules any activity that disturbs the peace of other people as illegal. Some such activities include washing your car, mowing your lawn, among others. There are also building rules against performing actions that can disturb the peaceful quiet at night.

Life Expectancy is high in Switzerland

According to WHO (2018), Switzerland has the second-longest life expectancy. Only Japan has a higher average life expectancy than Switzerland. The life expectancy for Swiss men and women at birth is 81.3yrs and 85.3yrs, respectively.

Switzerland has the third-highest Job and Salary security in Europe

While the Swiss's job and salary security are high, the cost of living in the country is high as well. Only two other OECD countries, Luxembourg and the US have better salary security than Switzerland.

BONUS FACT: Switzerland is one of the highest-ranking countries for youth employment based on the KOF Youth Labour Market Index stats.

Switzerland has one of the best recycling and waste management program in the world

Switzerland ranks as one of the world's leading countries with an effective waste management system.

BONUS FACT: Only about 40% of the electricity used in Swiss households is generated in the country's nuclear power plants. The rest of the electricity used is generated using CO2 friendly means.

The Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland is the longest railway tunnel in the world

Boasting a total length of 57km, the Gotthard Tunnel is not just the longest in the world; the tunnel is also one of the most expensive. The engineering masterpiece connects the Italian and German regions of Switzerland. The tunnel offers a faster, modernized, more convenient way of transporting services and stock.

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