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Top 10 Swiss Cheese

Top 10 Swiss Cheese

From its breathtaking natural landscapes to its delicious and yummy food items, Switzerland has something for everyone.  

Swiss Chocolates and Swiss Cheese are very much always readily demanded all over the world because of the excellent quality put into making them. This post will be focusing on the different yummy Swiss Cheese you must taste.  

Swiss Cheese comes in various types, flavors, and textures. They bring a creamy sharp taste you only need to taste to understand how impressive they are.  

Without wasting much of your time, here are 10 famous Swiss Cheese that will blow your mind.

10. Tilsiter

Also referred to as Royal Tilsit, this brand of Swiss cheese is made from raw cow milk and Pasteurized milk. The cheese's flavor depends entirely on the type of milk used, with Raw cow milk bringing the stronger flavor.

This type of cheese is usually firm and elastic, with marble-sized eyes all over the body.

9. Raclette

Not so popular compared to some other Swiss cheese on this list, Raclette is one of the most healthy Swiss cheese brands you can consume. Rich in calcium, protein, and Vitamin A, it is not so hard to see why.

The Raclette cheese is a semi-hard, yellowish cheese produced using alpine cow milk. It is mainly used in the preparation of Fondue as melting cheese. It is also sometimes used to garnish Pizza and certain Swiss sauces.

Also, Raclette can be eaten as a side dish with potatoes, pickled onions, among other things.    

8. Berner Alpkäse

Alpkäse is another great type of cheese from Switzerland. The special thing about it is that this cheese is only produced during the summer months and with hard manual labour in the Swiss Alps. Every year, Swiss farmers are looking for willing helpers to assist with cheese production. This work is remunerated with a small wage.

Here you can find all vacancies.

7. Der scharfe Maxx

Needing over 150 days to mature, this cheese brings a unique aromatic scent you don't get to feel or detect from other top-quality Swiss cheese. However, this only makes this cheese unique and special.  

The custardy flavor essence this cheese brings to your mouth is one you have to taste for yourself. The rich flavors are mainly due to the quality dairy products and extended production techniques used in making the cheese before it matures.  

It is mainly consumed as a dessert.  

6. L'Etivaz

This dense and creamy traditional Swiss cheese is only made during summer in the Vaud region, Switzerland. The cheese is still produced using traditional methods that were used when the cheese brand was first invented.

The process is quite simple. Milk is extracted from grazing cows and then heated over a wood fire using copper vats. The result is that L'Etivaz cheese brings a smoky type of flavor when eating it.  

L'Etivaz is usually left to mature between  5 to 13 months.  

5. Appenzeller

Offering one of the best flavors among all Swiss Cheese brands, the Appenzeller Cheese has been around for about 700 years.  

It was named after the same place where it was first produced – Appenzellerland. Apart from being the location where one of the best Swiss cheese brands originated, Appenzerllerland is also one of the best places to see in Switzerland.  

100% natural Cheese with no additional flavors or preservatives, Appenzeller is one of Switzerland's top-quality natural cheese brands. The cheese takes about three months to completely develop its full flavor and its hard, smooth texture. And it even becomes better the longer it ages.

4. Sbrinz

Sbrinz is often considered the most aged Swiss Cheese brand in the world. This is because they take quite a long time to mature for consumption after initial production.  

The cheese contains about 45% fast and brings a delicious aromatic taste, unlike other Swiss cheese brands.  

Sbrinz can be consumed in three ways. It can be eaten as sliced thin rolls of cheese after 18 months of maturing. It can also be eaten as "Mockli" – tiny chunks of cheese that serve as a snack. Lastly, it can be consumed as an appetizer once it fully matures and develops its flavors.

Aside from serving as a snack or appetizer, Sbrinz is also often used to garnish pasta and other Swiss dishes.  

3. Gruyere

Named after a beautiful small Swiss village, Gruyere is a hard, unpasteurized Swiss cheese suitable for consumption only after four months of its production.

It is one of the most popular brands of Swiss Cheese and is often used in sandwiches and burgers. It is also used as melting cheese in making traditional dishes like Swiss Fondue and French dishes such as Croque Monsieur.

2. Tete de Moine

The Tete de Moine cheese is a semi-hard type of cheese and always cylindrical. It serves as a snack appetizer and is made from raw cow milk.

Invented by monks about eight centuries ago in the Swiss Jura mountains, the cheese is always kept for four months after production before it is finally consumed.  

With a beautiful aroma and an insanely sweet taste, this is one cheese. You do not have to be a cheese lover to appreciate its quality.  

1. Emmentaler

Emmentaler is widely recognized as the best Swiss Cheese Brand, and rightly so. The pale yellow, semi-hard smooth cheese with its giant-sized holes brings a mild creamy taste and is the most famous Swiss Cheese everyone knows.  

Made from fresh unpasteurized Cow's milk and named after a river from Bern, this cheese recipe can be traced to the 13th century.  

The cheese is typically served in sliced cubes and is taken alongside several Swiss main dishes, especially in Fondue and gratin.

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